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An explorer by nature who considers education as a lifelong quest to gain knowledge. Physics, specially Astrophysics is my first love and I remember my first career goal was to be an astronaut.  During my teens, I was inspired by the books of  Robert Kiyosaki and Zig Ziglar and at age 18, I had decided to embark on a path of  entrepreneurship. The ability to sell was the most important trait of an entrepreneur and I started my career as an insurance salesman for a Life Insurance Company in India.

I tried various businesses over the years, starting from solar power installation, FMCG distribution, home appliances, etc. I was also a part of Network Marketing company which was largely a wasted enterprise but introduced me to the concept of e-learning apart from a solid sales training program that was a part of their training. By the time I completed my course in 2010, I had experience of 3.5 years and was selected to serve in Indian Army having cleared the Service Selection Board (SSB), one of the most selective and rigorous exams in India and ranked 8th on merit list for Electrical Engineer batch (less than 100 get selected out of over 100000 applicants every year).

I chose to start an edtech project in student management system for schools, which failed spectacularly in 6 months due to inability to get funded. I faced the harsh reality of startup ecosystem and simultaneously succeeded in building a team of over 5000 individuals with the most trusted Network Marketing company of India. Another challenge came by and the company had to fight a legal battle which put it out of business for 1.5 years. I took up my first job during this struggle in edtech industry where I served for over 3 years and was able to establish franchisees in IT training across rural Karnataka and while the other part of business was into Overseas education.

I was always asked why didn’t I study abroad even though I have helped thousands of students to achieve their goals. With almost a decade of relentless work, I decided to take a sabbatical and explore living overseas for a few years. I set up on an experiment with a target to study abroad with scholarships for someone with average academic credentials. Using my experience with studying overseas, I decided to study in Europe with focus countries being  Sweden, France and Ireland. Czechia and Estonia were my backup options and I received offers from Universities in all the countries with option to study for free in France, Estonia and Czech.

Estonia was a relatively obscure country back then but my research suggested it to be a quite popular country for startups and I decided to take the less trodden path and in 2017, I joined MSc Mechatronics at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). It was a relatively new program and I was exposed to a different education system from the one which I have been accustomed to. It was a nice experience where I explored the country, its startup ecosystem, job market and local lifestyle to its fullest.

I was exposed to the world of Fintech and my interest and work with cryptocurrency allowed me to work with some amazing startups like Citowise and later I had an opportunity to work with TransferWise, a fintech Unicorn from Estonia. I have been able to work with a few blockchain projects as an advisor and currently work with Starship Technologies. The advent of Covid-19 pandemic allowed me to improve my digital marketing and web development skills and help small businesses with their social media while working on gradpro,org as a side project which I now looking to develop as a full-time project.

When life throws a brick at you, turn it into a stepping stone, never give up and don’t stop until your goal is achieved. Life is not a race with somebody else, it’s your own journey that you decide to navigate the way you wish to. I play Cricket for Tallinn United CC and started a new team Falcons in 2020 which won EPL-40 trophy in 2020.

What Can I Do for You?

I can help you with your career development as a mentor and help students with study abroad and e-learning. I can help your business with marketing and social media.

I also conduct events in Tallinn for eChai.network as their meeting coordinator. I conduct meetups and livestream the events on my social media channels.

Interested to start crypto business in Europe, I can help you to connect with the best service providers to start and operate your business.

My company helps you with growing business in Europe, helping startups to design their business plans, prototypes, MVP, Web & mobile apps, WordPress Websites, e-commerce stores using Shopify & WordPress and create social media presence and run campaigns that sell well.

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