Jay Bharadhwaj

Envision your Vision, Create your Reality

What I Do

Envision Ideas

All it takes to change the face of your business is an idea that clicks. I help you with the best strategy to put your business to work.

Engineer Solutions

Put your ideas to work, bring out MVP & devise a marketing strategy to get your business to speed with websites, prototypes & social media.

Educate Students

Transforming lives of students to choose the right career path and best destinations across the globe and fast track their careers.

Need Advice?

Need help to improve your business, launch a startup or guidance with navigating your career?

My Research Work

My academic research has been focused on clean tech for over a decade and have developed some fascinating projects on hybrid energy systems, supercapacitors, energy storage and hybrid electric vehicles.


Jay is a great personality. He quickly grasps what needs to be done and gives his best to achieve results. He was helping us even when company had time. All over, he is very proactive and thinking out of box! Wish you all the best, mate! “

Max Zab, Founder at WhalesHeaven.com


Jay is true professional. He likes to figure out the situations and solve a problems. Work with Jay is always a pleasure. Very quiet, judicious and humble person. Jay gives you best support, you can dream on.

Nikita Artyukhov, B2B Sales Manager - OnlineExpo

My Story

Your choices make you what you are and I have made some bold choices on my life choosing the least anticipated ones. Physics is my first love and I was destined to be a Physicist until I decided to join one of the oldest Engineering institutions of India (UVCE, Bengaluru). A lot manifested over those years and from almost dropping out of college seeing no value in a degree, I have managed to complete 2 Masters degrees. My academic research has been in the field of clean technologies while my professional endeavor have been in edtech and fintech sectors.

I have started and operated 3 companies in India and Estonia and continue to work with startups. I have previously volunteered as a freelance press reporter and been a part of human rights charter while having participated in professional sports activities in Cricket and Taekwondo.